Earning money being the essential part of life always been associated with offline routes. Though Internet play major role in our everyday life it seems to be impossible when it comes to money. Money always been the deciding factor in every situation of life. But here are the list of easiest way to earn money using laptops or even with mobile phones


Do you want to be paid for your skills? Here is a way, there are many trustworthy websites for freelancing like “Freelancer”, “Upworks”, “fiver”, “Truelancer” . In which thousands of jobs in different skill set are available. You need to search for a job of your skill and bid for it. Once someone accept you bid then the job and money is yours .  Payment will take place as soon as you complete the job ,the website itself take responsibility for both parties for job and money guarentee.


If you have interest in video making then YouTube is the best platform for it. You can make videos of interest and post it your channel. After certain minimum threshold value which is 4000 watch hours, 1000 subscriber count set by YouTube, you can start earning money for each views of your video. In this YouTuber continuously get money from all posted videos based on the view count and content of the video

Affliate Marketing

Do you hold any YouTube channel or Website, do you want to make extra profit out of it? Here is the small work you need to do , Just join Amazon Associate program or any Ecommerce website which gives more commission and place the advertisement of their product in your site. Once your subscriber purchase the product through your link posted in your site you will get commission for that purchase. In this making money is continuous with little effort.

Amazon Kindle

Are you an author or interested in writing stories? Then login into Amazon Kindle, write your own story . No need to wait for big publication, you can publish your book in Amazon Kindle. Here you get paid for each sale of your book. The profit depends on the number of sales of your book. Link to this site is provided here

Amazon Kindle


You can widened your Tutoring service through online mode. Take class of your choice or field of study and post the bundle in the site. And get paid whenever someone buys your bundle. Or you can take classes through video call and get paid from them. In this you can earn in monthly basis as a salary . Established site for this service is “Take Class”.

Data Entry

Make money in your leisure time by  just Copy pate work. All you need to do is to copy paste the given document or data entry to particular site without any mistake (minimum level of mistakes accepted). In this payment is done per page basis. Choose the correct trustworthy site you work with. You can go to the office and conform if it is trustworthy and then start doing it. Once known to be trusted then start working and make extra money.


Are you a photographer or interested in photography? Then you can sell your high quality picture. Stock Photography website is a huge repository for photograph where you can add your photograph. You photo will be displayed to everyone in the website. Whenever someone purchases your photo you get paid. You can sell a photo any number of times and will get money continuously.

Drop Shipping

Do you want to make money using mobile phone? Here it is, It is typically retailing whenever your customer makes an order of the product, You purchase the product from third party for them and take margin value you fix of your choice as the money you earn. Here there is no physical inventory of the seller in the process.