The main focus of each and every work is to increase productivity and  the result , as this comes only with working smarter not harder. We need to be smarter as it will increase our focus and work done efficiently on important projects or jobs. Here are the tip to be smarter…

Planning Your Work

Planning basically help you to do more task in a period of time. Preplanning will allow u to take clear look in the task which is actually important and so we can plan ourselves to a lot more time for the important task. For that you need to plan your daily task or schedule the project’s task properly. You can take a sticky note of your plan and paste it in your work place to get remembered continuously. Continuously mark the completed task that will give you positive energy and confident.

Keep Track of Your Job

Planning alone can’t lead to success. You need to verify time taken for a particular task with the optimum time for that task. So that you can try to work faster day by day. Take a note and write the time taken on each day and keep track of your process day by day. On continuous practice your time taken will be same as optimum time. This help you to do more task in less time.


Another major part of being smarter is to  prioritize the job. The job that benefits you should be given more priority than other jobs. Take more time for the important process and concentrate more on it. Schedule those jobs first and do it first . A scheduling in the earlier part of the day will make problem solving and process more easier. Try to do less important task quickly so that you can use most of the time for your major priority jobs.

Don’t Multitask

Multitask always led to mistake, stress, rework or reduced quality of jobs. This is because shifting of work in between takes time for mind to concentrate properly. Ultimately that is not too smarter, So don’t multitask to become smarter. Take one task at a time and finish it in a go. Don’t postponed the job in the middle a it will increase the total time taken by the job.

Make It Simple

If you have a big project or job to be done. Split it into fragments or small task and focus on one small task at a time. Think only about the small part your going to do on that day. Thinking on small part give us good energy and it led to proper decision making and good effort. Don’t overthink on the huge full project. This will lead to positive attitude , better decision making and problem solving  ideas which will make work smarter.

Do Difficult Task First

According to the LABORIT’S LAW : Difficult task should be done in the earlier part of the day as the brain is fresh at that time so it will make easier to solve difficult problem or task.

This is the proven law so that we can use it to become smarter. The main idea is that completing difficult task first will give positive energy and that will make us do all the other work fast

Think About Progress

Don’t compare your work with the ideal one as it will led to stress, negative attitude. The ideal person whom you compare would have followed this technique year together. So Just think how better you are from yesterday and make ideal one as your goal to improve daily so that after continuous practice of being smarter one day it will lead you to do work better that your ideal goal.